Holistic Nutrition

Marissa believes in a holistic healing approach. That means her focus is integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. At the physical level the stem cells are the healers in the body. When we give stem cells the nutrients they need and we strengthen the immune system, healing occurs.


Understanding the critical function that stem cells play in our physical health and the importance of a strong immune system, Marissa has partnered with the owner of the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of stem cell related and immune building health supplements, Stemfoods Holistics, located in California, USA. Marissa has known Laura, the owner, for over 15 years and both share a philosophy of a natural holistic approach to health.

This is a very exciting partnership for Marissa, as she has seen her clients and people drastically improve their overall physical and mental health. From diabetes, to chronic arthritis, to carpel tunnel, to severe digestive issues, to autoimmune conditions, to even advanced cancers and depression and anxiety, she has seen the healing power of stem cells and of a strong immune system.

This is doubly exciting for Marissa personally to have partnered with StemFoods Holistics. Here is her testimonial: "The formulas completely changed my life. I have so much energy now, I hike 8 miles every single day. My vitamin D was extremely low and restored within a month and a half.  After many years of having an issue with my thyroid, it has improved to a normal, healthy level and my hair is thicker. My hormones improved greatly.These formulas are my main form of supplementation."

Especially in these current times, Marissa strongly believes that taking these formulas should be part of everyone's daily supplementation regime.

Marissa will be happy to provide a free consultation for your dietary goals. She will be happy to go over your individual needs. You can also call StemFoods Holistics directly and tell them Marissa referred you, or you can visit the website here. 

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